Moving into First Home

Moving into your first real place? It can be incredibly exciting and maybe even a little overwhelming. You went through the challenge of finding the perfect place and now you have to face the task of decorating and furnishing your first place!
Where should you start? What are you even going to need?
Follow along on our checklist so you’ll know exactly what you’ll need in each room of your new home.
In your first place, remember that you don’t need all the bells and whistles. You really just need the basics that make your new place, your home. Most people start out on a pretty tight budget at first so getting creative with hand-me-down furniture or second-hand furniture is a great way to help save some money. Pick out a few really important pieces that are important to you to invest more money into. For instance, if you’re a big sports fan and want to invest most of your money in getting a nice TV and comfortable seating, try and save some money by buying a second-hand coffee table or entertainment center.
Prior to moving in, make a list of the things that your place doesn’t come with that will be crucial for you to have upon move in. Are there overhead lights or will you need lighting on your first night? Do you have shower doors or will you need a shower curtain? Every place is different, so make a list of some items that you don’t want to be caught without on move-in day.
It doesn’t matter what your first place ends up looking like, it will be perfect because for the first time ever, IT’S YOURS!

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